Know Thyself

My unhealed self interprets my children’s self confidence as monstrous. Only a monster could own their own desires and love themselves, right? My mind can’t comprehend a world in which it’s okay to be the only person in the room who likes something, or feels a certain way. By contrast, I have devoted the better […]

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Putting My Best Foot Forward

E said to me, “your voice hasn’t been as excited-y lately.” I thanked him for noticing. I apologized for my current lack of enthusiasm and promised to be more excited about things. “Don’t worry,” he said. “I like you better this way.” So apparently low-level depression is my best side. Cool. Cool cool cool.

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Pennies from Heaven

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for little things. Little things like a freelance gig I absolutely love that I found quickly and I hope will keep me busy for a long while. I can hardly believe my luck. Little things like an HSA account (and money in it!) so that when my mammogram comes back […]

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A Testimony

I believe in Jesus Christ. And when I study His life, His teachings, His parables, and what He taught prophets ancient and modern, it all comes down to this: how we treat each other matters. It’s easy to get distracted by the dumpster fires of the world around us, and to get caught up in […]

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The Bechdel Test of Life

What do you do if, as a woman, you realize that the majority of your own life would not pass the Bechdel test? Even over a dozen years after my feminist awakening my lived experience is drastically different than what I would want for any daughter – were I to have had a daughter which […]

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Write My Way Out

More than two decades into adulthood I’m struggling with balance and self compassion and regret and future-making. I’m about halfway through this game of life and I want to throw out all the rules. Worst of all, I’m resentful of the very real reasons I can never do that. It isn’t that I don’t like […]

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On Fasting (and prayer)

My earliest fasting memory involves praying for the thing I wanted most of all: a My Little Pony DreamscapeSomethingOrOther. I started fasting at age 8. I knew I was to pray for something while I fasted so I prayed for the toy I had seen in commercials that I knew for sure I could never […]

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