Covid Check-In

Hi friends! Are you hanging in there? How long have you been sheltering in place? For us it’s been over a month. But I don’t have a firm grasp on time anymore so I can’t even tell you what day is TODAY, let alone how many times Groundhog Day repeats itself. That’s what I call […]

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New Coworkers

Tell us something your kids have done lately, but say it was your coworkers. (Since we are working from home now anyway …) I just spent 20 minutes arguing with a coworker over the merits of underpants.

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I’ve been thinking a lot today about the new reality in which we find ourselves. And while it’s not great, I think we have the opportunity to create beauty from this. In sacrificing our regularly-scheduled programming to protect the vulnerable we are reevaluating our priorities. While we physically isolate ourselves we can use this time […]

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Mummy, Off Your Phone

So my two-year old can speak in sentences. We have full-blown conversations. He astounds me with how verbal he has become in the past few months. But every time he tells me “Mummy, off your phone” I die a little inside. When my older sons were young I had given up my cell phone years […]

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How Do You Bleep Your Music?

Your children hear everything. (Unless you give them a task. Of course.) I have made a concerted effort to share music with my children. For the most part, especially when they’re young, we listen to children’s music. Fortunately we have many options for children’s music across several genres. (Don’t know where to start? Try our […]

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Aiming for 80%

I’ll be the first to admit that I am far from perfect in every aspect of my life. Most especially: parenting. It’s so hard. I’ve read a library of parenting books from which I have curated tips and techniques to help me hone my skills. I have surrounded myself – especially during the formative years […]

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My accounting for today …

Pro: I made it through the day without a nap. Maybe the new vitamins are helping. The sugar snack in the middle of the day helped as well. Whatever the reason, I’m happy I wasn’t a zombie through the afternoon so that’s a huge win. Con: sugary afternoon snack put me over my caloric budget […]

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Polynesian Christmas: Honu

Hanau ka po ia honu kua nanakaFrom the darkness of time came the sea turtle with its plated back –~ Kumulipo: A Hawaiian creation chant Source: NPS I cannot overstate the importance of Honu. This ancient, amphibious creature connects the land and the water. Honu also serves as a reminder to all of us of […]

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