Text from my student this morning:

I meant to tell you this during our lesson, but completely forgot! In Hindu culture, today is called Guru Poornima; poornima means full moon day, and guru is teacher, so it’s basically a day to celebrate and honor all your teachers. So, thank you for being such an amazing teacher! I’ve loved learning from you […]

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Houston, We Have A Loophole

Last night I made the rookie mistake of believing that our whole family should go to the school to support Red at his NJHS induction ceremony. Sitting quietly and still was not on the agenda for the little one, as you can imagine. These things are not designed with toddlers in mind. As I looked […]

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For the Glory of the Weekday

If I’m being honest I generally prefer week days to week ends. I don’t enjoy making school lunches at the end of each long day, and the afternoons are hectic between homework and piano lessons and scouting and cooking wholesome meals that most family members (but never all) will eat. But weekends are unstructured, exhausting, […]

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Little Man has learned “why?” as in the following conversation on repeat all afternoon. “Please don’t drive your cars in the folded laundry.” “Why?” “Because when you do it messes them up and I will have to fold them again.” “Why?” “Because they are freshly washed and need to be folded and put away.” “Why?” […]

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A Fantastic Story

This weekend is going to make such a great story in the future. From middle of the night visits with our local fire department (yes, in our home, yes, because we called them,) to a puking child, to research on new furnace units, to me deciding the best way to deal with all of this […]

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Carpe Diem e Obliviscor

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms {The Blog}. (Seize the Day and Forget It) At my baby shower, as is common at many baby showers, my guests wrote me cards of advice. The advice varied wildly from “be careful not to spoil the baby” to “hold him always.” (I’m both paraphrasing and exaggerating that last one but […]

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Give Life, Get A Cookie

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms {The Blog}. One day when my oldest two were little a woman ahead of us in line at the grocery store commented that I looked like I had my hands full. “What do you do for yourself?” She asked. Without thinking I told her I give blood. She was more confused […]

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