O Divine Redeemer

Covid has presented me with several silver linings. One that came with a surprise was the discovery that I had never played an Easter solo (always accompanying, usually choirs.) It was a truly special experience to prepare this piece, taking myself through the final days or Christ’s life, and through some of my own dark […]

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On Embodiment

“You’ve got good childbearing hips,” the ladies said to me as I stood there in the shade, a baby on my hip. I think I was 8 years old. I could have been older but I was certainly prepubescent. Who says that to a child? I’m sure she was trying to compliment me on my […]

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Does anyone else look at their children’s naturally-derived sense of self and wonder what kind of monster can go through life without debilitating anxiety? Just me? Cool. Cool cool cool.

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Pandemic Time

Pandemic time is still time It still marches to its own beat With no input from us mere mortals. But pandemic time is like jello You can move through it But navigation is a guess Your movements sticky, slow. You can see beyond yourself, Blurry, but recognizable. The other side looks within reach But remains […]

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Of Bikes and Boys

Tonight instead of going to sleep E is telling me about when he gets his drivers license he’s going to get a motorcycle and drive faster than the speed limit and learn to do wheelies and it’ll be “crazy cool”. 😂 R also would like to learn to drive a motorcycle but as he is […]

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You win some, you lose some

I found a picture from August of last year. It was my feet on the bathroom scale. At the time I took it I thought it would be motivation to get back on track, since it was more than five pounds higher than when I had left Texas a year prior. And it’s ten pounds […]

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Covid Check-In

Hi friends! Are you hanging in there? How long have you been sheltering in place? For us it’s been over a month. But I don’t have a firm grasp on time anymore so I can’t even tell you what day is TODAY, let alone how many times Groundhog Day repeats itself. That’s what I call […]

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New Coworkers

Tell us something your kids have done lately, but say it was your coworkers. (Since we are working from home now anyway …) I just spent 20 minutes arguing with a coworker over the merits of underpants.

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