valentine of a different kind

I gazed at my Valentine’s gift all day. I carried it around, carressed it, and admired it. I thanked my husband all day for his gift. We didn’t go out for dinner, we didn’t buy cards, and we didn’t buy chocolates. But as my husband worked and I cared for our son, I was so […]

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bodily FUNctions

Motherhood changes your opinion of what is disgusting. I had always believed that a mother’s saliva was a combination of 409 and WD-40, but it really transcends beyond that. Suddenly I’m evaluating bodily secretions with varying levels of charm, and retelling the stories to my husband as though he missed a major milestone. (Not to […]

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With no postpartum blues at all, imagine my surprise, when two months into my new life my perspective suddenly got bleak. It occured to me that I would never be the same — not because motherhood had made me a different person, but because the birth had changed my future. I have physically recovered completely […]

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textbook after all

As it turns out, my labour was a textbook case of asynclitic fetal positioning. While my son was head down, he was not lined up properly; he wasn’t able to put adequate pressure on the cervix to fully dialate, and it’s possible that even if I dialated to 10, I’d have not been able to […]

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labour of love

I had voraciously read every pregnancy and birth book I could get my hands on, and spent hours reading online. I had spoken with most of the mothers that I knew about their birth experiences. I had taken a very academic and thorough childbirthing class, done the homework, and practiced the exercises. (I even reviewed […]

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