love fest

My favourite activity is looking into my sons eyes while he looks at me. We gurgle and coo and sing to each other. It’s heaven. It’s bliss.

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Irish Blessing

May the colour of your hair always be fire engine redmay your sheepskin always soften your bed May you always share your award-winning smilewhen you’re hungry may you not have to wait a while May your intentions always be goodmay you do always what you should May you always try to make people happymay you […]

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first word?

Last night we had a big dinner party at our church for which my husband and I were primarily responsible. Needless to say, this entire week has been focused on tying up the last details of said event. There have been many trips to Lowe’s and Target and many hours on the phone correlating with […]

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baby envy

When my husband and I moved to Virginia we met a couple with whom we made good friends. The day their son was born my husband fell in love and repeatedly offered to adopt their son. He told me that if we would be guaranteed a baby as cute as theirs, he’d have one right […]

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breastmilk is best

breastmilk is best …for bondingfor cuddlingfor maternal weight lossas a nipple creamas a skin conditioneras a vaccine in addition to the obvious and most amazing …it changes according to the nutritional needs of the growing baby, providing the perfect amount of proteins and nutrients for the current situation as well as antibodies for the current […]

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shades of joy

During my son’s first month I knew he was content when he crossed his arms across his chest. During his second month I knew he was pleased when he smirked or smiled. During his third month I knew he was thrilled when his whole face exploded in smile and his laughter filled the room. My […]

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so proud

I try not to brag, but sometimes it’s apt. In his short life of three months, my son has been to a few different places, and last night made his fourth restaurant. He’s been respectably well-behaved for all restaurants, although for the supper meals we had to go for walks around the restaurant while the […]

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