first word?

Last night we had a big dinner party at our church for which my husband and I were primarily responsible. Needless to say, this entire week has been focused on tying up the last details of said event. There have been many trips to Lowe’s and Target and many hours on the phone correlating with other people. Our son was endlessly patient throughout the whole thing. This morning we had a meeting before our regular church meetings through which he was also patient. But after all week of preparation, 12 hours yesterday in the building and then returning today … oh the inhumanity!!! I had to play the piano for primary because the regular pianist is out of town, and my son stayed with my husband, which is normally a non-issue.

Unfortunately, after all the injustices which my son had endured this week he finally decided that he had had enough. He fussed and cried. Right before he really started in on his wailing he reportedly called out “mama.”

Now I know that he’s only three months old, and I know that I was not present during the incident. But my husband is not prone to histronics and he swears by this tale and insists that the word was relevant and not a fluke. My first word was elephant at only a couple of months older than him.

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