It’s a well-documented fact that baby boys squirt their parents during diaper changes. Some new parents inherit fear of this possibility, some simply adopt a sense of humour. I inherited the latter from my Mum and we demonstrated it a few times in the two weeks she visited right after his birth. We had been […]

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Everymommy needs a Stacey

At the risk of embarrassing her, because I know she frequents my blogs, I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the importance of having a good mommy-friend. I am fortunate to have many friends with young children living here and around the continent and thanks to the power of the internet, my friends […]

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Every grandchild is special, but there’s something different about the first grandchild. I think it’s because it’s fresh and new. My inlaws already have one grandson and we were around a little to watch them discover grandparenthood — it was fun. They’re different with our son. Not better, not worse, and there’s nothing wrong, it’s […]

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fighting sleep

3 cookies + 2 tall glasses of cold water – 2 a.m. = me on the couch barely lucid crocheting the final row on a hat for a baby shower while my son stubbornly willing himself awake bats at the flowers on the couch and the helicopters on his footies we fall asleep finally with […]

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