Every grandchild is special, but there’s something different about the first grandchild. I think it’s because it’s fresh and new. My inlaws already have one grandson and we were around a little to watch them discover grandparenthood — it was fun. They’re different with our son. Not better, not worse, and there’s nothing wrong, it’s just different. They’re used to this bag, now. They’ve got their groove. It’s fun to watch them interact with him, but it’s different than they were with our nephew.

For my parents, this is the first time.
After three out of my four parents had had the opportunity to come down and visit us, my husband and I were reflecting on how different it is with them than it is with his parents. It’s so fun to see them turn into mush when the baby coos, or looks at them, and to watch them rediscover the feelings they had when their children were little, and add on to that knowing that this is their baby’s baby.

My Dad put it well recently, he said, “I was reflecting on all this after our visit there and I realised that one of the reasons I was so touched watching you with him was the realisation that you were truly experiencing the emotions I had for you at that age. The circle of life. It’s a blessing all round.”

I think this isn’t so fresh and new with the next children. While it’s highly improbable, I hope that all of our siblings get the chance to see parents become grandparents for the first time.

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