In our attempt to be politically correct and fair to all people I’m afraid we have pushed aside the white male. In the past several years I’ve noticed that in sitcoms and regular tv programming, in an attempt to show women’s competance I’m sure, the father-figure of the household is almost always a blundering, lazy, […]

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stork bite

Today on our walk a little old lady asked me if my son was “Rousky.” When I replied that he was not (and assuming she was commenting on his hair) but that it was probably his Irish ancestry, she told me in non-English words (it’s a good thing that gestures are international) that his stork […]

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The Exchange

Somewhere between cutting me open to remove my son and sewing me back up I lost something. Yes, of course, my baby was extracted from my body, and yes there was most certainly blood and placenta on the floor, but I left a part of me in there, too. In my former life I was […]

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