In our attempt to be politically correct and fair to all people I’m afraid we have pushed aside the white male. In the past several years I’ve noticed that in sitcoms and regular tv programming, in an attempt to show women’s competance I’m sure, the father-figure of the household is almost always a blundering, lazy, overweight man whose most redeeming feature is the woman whom he married. It sends the wrong message to both men and women and now that I have a son of my own I’m even more concerned.

It’s been well-accepted for years that children who grow up without a father are more likely to be considered “at risk” for teenage pregnancy and violent crimes in addition to behavioural disorders. So why aren’t we doing more to appreciate fathers?

Ask any stay at home mother how important fathers are and she will give you a laundry list of incidents in which Daddy saved the day. I could give you stories from every mother that I know of how the children light up when Daddy comes home (our own son recognizes the sound of his keys in the door) and how sad they are when Daddy is either late, or has to leave again.

Yes, I am very appreciative of the progress the world has made with regard to women, but do we have to suppress men in the process? Our society can really only thrive with both parents actively doing their roles. We need Daddies to be Daddies and to feel appreciated as such!

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