dictionary of blog

blog: (n) from “web log”, an online journalblog: (v) the act of keeping a blog, conjugated as follows: I blog, I blogged, I will blog, you blog, you blogged, you will blog, etc…blogger: (n) author of blog, one who does the bloggingbloghopping: (n) perusing other’s blogs (thank you Karen for this term!)

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drunken marketing

Who’s big idea was it to score a Toyota commercial with “Drunken Sailor”? And how on earth was it approved? Somebody got paid a lot of money for one of the stupidest things I’ve seen in a long time. And that person probably prides him/herself in knowing something about music and for that I am […]

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morning workout

“Lower legs slowly” very slowly and move them a little to avoid hitting baby with feet. “Bend forward into standing forward bend pose. Look up” and see baby climbing the stairs. Run after him. Check diaper. Continue. “Listen to your breath” and the toot of the recorder, and the moo of the cow in the […]

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fifth appendage

The worst thing about my son being nine months old is the separation anxiety. It makes me sad when he cries because I have to go to the bathroom and it’s really frustrating when he claws me to pieces. The best thing about my son being nine months old is the separation anxiety. It makes […]

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shopping conundrum

What is it about being a blogger that I suddenly feel compelled to explain my absences? Is it necessary to explain that my baby just sprouted his fourth tooth and that in addition to that tumult he’s exhibiting some fantastic separation anxiety? Does it matter that I’ve got a second boutique in which I can […]

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Bonnie Day

what are the chances? Four months ago while I was waiting for my turn to donate blood I got chatting with a new mother. She was somewhat overwhealmed because while she loved her son intensely she was confused by all the advice she had been receiving. She asked me several questions about breastfeeding and what […]

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following Dad

There’s nothing my son loves more than his Dad. When he was still teeny-tiny ( you can tell he is not so now) he could stay awake for hours in my husband’s arms, but would do nothing but sleep in mine; he had already established that Daddy is the play-friend and Mummy is the sleepy-time-friend. […]

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nonverbal communication

His babbling is still nothing more than babbling (although my husband suspects that’s he’s starting to associate “mama” with Dad and “dada” with me, but that’s another story) but he’s ever adept at getting his point across. Yesterday my son crawled over me and coyly looked back at me. He didn’t make a sound but […]

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are you kidding me?!? It isn’t enough that every day is junk mail day? It isn’t enough that every day I get hundreds of spam mails (no, I do not want to refinance the mortgage I don’t even have) to my email? Now I’m being marketed in the comments of my blog? Is there no […]

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