nonverbal communication

His babbling is still nothing more than babbling (although my husband suspects that’s he’s starting to associate “mama” with Dad and “dada” with me, but that’s another story) but he’s ever adept at getting his point across.

Yesterday my son crawled over me and coyly looked back at me. He didn’t make a sound but his face could no more clearly say with words, “come get me” before he took off across the room and up the stairs, laughing all the way.

This apprently answers the question, “do babies have a sense of humour?” mine does.

On Sunday he had my husband chase him up the stairs. He promptly crawled into his bedroom, went straight to his books, and passed his favourite book to my husband.

He’s learning to be more expressive in other ways, too. Today more times than I could count he would stop what he was doing, grab my face, and give me a great big kiss.

I keep meaning to start infant signing, but we seem to be getting the point across anyway.

2 thoughts on “nonverbal communication

  1. How old is your son? Elena was the SAME WAY. She is now 14 months, but she used to say CGH CGH (meaning Get Get) for I’m gonna get you!

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