following Dad

There’s nothing my son loves more than his Dad.

When he was still teeny-tiny ( you can tell he is not so now) he could stay awake for hours in my husband’s arms, but would do nothing but sleep in mine; he had already established that Daddy is the play-friend and Mummy is the sleepy-time-friend.

Thanks to eight months of playing at home all day, he does think of me as a play-friend, too, but he just adores my husband and can’t wait for him to get home at the end of the day and can’t wait to wake him up in the mornings.

Now that we have broken the hard rule of which parent is the play-friend, we are also trying to break the rule of which parent is the sleep-parent. This is proving to be stressful to both boys, and hopefully we’ll get the hang of that without it taking eight months!

5 thoughts on “following Dad

  1. We seem to think alike. I posted today about my son and his dad, but I did not read your post until much later.

    By the way, your husband looks similar to mine from the back. 😉

  2. For a while there i used to be jealous of husbands and sons relationship. My boys get so excited when he comes home. I do too. Maybe its because we are tired of looking at each others faces and need a fresh one to look at. Or maybe its because our family is complete when he comes home.

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