and another thing…

I’ve got more to say about the previous post… sorry. But the whole housing thing really does bug me. I’m not a very negative person and I’m not much of a complainer but this really gets my goat. So it brings me to another point: by now nearly all of our friends have finished their […]

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six years

Saturday, August 6th, my husband and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. Neither of us feels old enough to have been married that long, but the calendar says it is so. We chose to celebrate it with activities similar to those on the day we went into labour. In November, after running around all day […]

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The best quote I ever heard about motherhood was in a congratulations-you’re-having-a-baby/have-a-great-life-on-the-other-side-of-the-country card from a fellow teacher (Connie Gianniny) who was quoting her daughter, Laura Joiner. “The days are long, but the years are short.” If Laura ever starts blogging I sure hope I find out about it because she really is so good at […]

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I never really understood peek-a-boo. I felt like I had been playing peek-a-boo most of my life (I am the oldest of nine children for those of you who do not know…) and I understand that it teaches object permanence which is a very important thing. But in the past couple of weeks the game […]

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The really cool thing about faith is knowing that you know something that may not otherwise make sense. And because it’s such a small group of people that share your faith in any particular thing it makes it more elite. That’s the way I feel about our family right now. On paper we look quite […]

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recipe for a healthy baby

1 full-term pregnancy10 +/- prenatal appointments280 prenatal vitamins1 well-balanced diet with no obvious toxinsdaily exercise1 (or more) childbirth classes5 +/- baby books100% pure luck Last week two of my friends announced their pregnancies and on Monday my new next-door neighbour moved in, six months pregnant. It was only a couple of weeks before this that […]

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I once compared myself to a shark, to my mother’s obvious disdain and alarm. The analogy was that I needed to keep moving, as does a shark, or I’d die. It’s how a shark gets oxygen, it’s how I feed my brain and keep the insanity at bay. The funny thing about exercise for me […]

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the other girls

Some people have it all together. Some people seem to do everything in the “right” order: graduate, get a good job, buy a house, start their family, all while avoiding debt. I’m not one of those people. To aggravate the situation my husband got a job in LA so we are forever away from purchasing […]

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