theory geek

As a pedagogy major I was not required to enroll in the final semester of theory: 20th Century. As a complete geek I couldn’t not. But I was already taking a very full load, working 19 hours a week, and planning a wedding with my fiance several time zones away, his parents in Michigan, and […]

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travel, residence, etc.

Growing up in Canada I was very much a western girl. We did take road trips as a family, but we clung to the west coast as though afraid that the prairies would swallow us whole. (Believe me, my first trip to Edmonton was unnerving for that reason.)Before I met my husband I had not […]

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Mango Season

The seasons in Hawaii as I know them are: rainy season (aka surf season)springmango seasonfall I learned to cut mangoes by watching Epe do it. She wielded the knife with ease only a Samoan could have. She also knew how to deal with a whole coconut, a skill I never bothered to acquire. And since […]

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Have you ever had one of those days? You know what I mean, one of those days when you seem to do everything wrong. (Or even just one really BIG thing wrong.) We’ve all pushed “send” for an email before re-reading it only to offend the person on the other end. We’ve all said something […]

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Mangoes, part one

My First Mango Not quite 16inexperiencedunculturedI was packed a mangoin my lunchby a woman whodefies explanationso I won’tfor my day-hikethrough the rainforestof Juneauand the beginningof Girls Camp I didn’t know how to eat itI waited till the hike was overit was very ripeI was very stupidI was covered in gooand finally dropped the pitand remaining […]

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More than just a riveting palindrome, Ogopogo swam through every year I spend in the Okanagan. My dad came down from Vancouver to visit us one summer when we were still very young (I was six in my memory) and we camped out on the lake. Of course I knew of the monster living in […]

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My second favourite orchard is an apple orchard. My childhood playmate lived on a farm with not only livestock but an apple orchard. I loved running up and down the rows, playing, dreaming, scheming… An overripe apple that has fallen but not yet decomposed, while gross to the touch, has the sweetest smell. But my […]

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It always began with a phone call. Some friend of the family asked my mother if we could please go over and pick his/her cherries because they were falling off the trees and would rot. In retrospect maybe it was a nice way of doing us a favour, but my mother picks her friends judiciously, […]

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When I was in grade 8 I decided to play basketball on the condition from my mother that it did not interfere with piano. (This is really funny to those who know that I’m 5’2″ and graceful like a rock.) As happens frequently in basketball I did hurt myself, my hand, quite painfully. During a […]

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