travel, residence, etc.

Growing up in Canada I was very much a western girl. We did take road trips as a family, but we clung to the west coast as though afraid that the prairies would swallow us whole. (Believe me, my first trip to Edmonton was unnerving for that reason.)

Before I met my husband I had not been further east than Star Valley, Wyoming. Since then we’ve had several cross-country trips so that my “visited” map looks like this (plus a road trip up to Ontario which isn’t included in the US map):

My “lived in US” map looks like this (which explains all the cross-country travel):

Thanks to Dana for giving me the idea and Mike for finding me the link I knew I had seen. Now I hope the rest of you understand my vagabond ways a little better.

9 thoughts on “travel, residence, etc.

  1. Wow! Where have you visited in Ontario? I’ve been to Anaheim, California, with a side trip to the San Diego Zoo.

    And might I just suggest (in a tiny, quiet voice so he doesn’t hear me) that the best thing you could do to thank Mike would be to stop by his blog and leave him a comment.

    I have told him, “If you want to get comments you have to leave comments.” So far, he thinks I don’t know what I’m talking about. So it’s time to resort to desperate measures to preserve my integrity.

  2. I went up to visit my brother a UWaterloo (I know, your alma mater) several years back. Terrible winter storm, and sadly, no one in Kitchner could give decent directions, but we did find Andrew eventually and were able to visit for an hour before we had to turn around and go back.

    And I was actually planning on checking out Mike’s blog tonight. By the time I got everything squared away for this post this morning it was time for our playdate; I felt badly that I hadn’t visited Mike’s sooner. But my computer time is limited to Little Red’s 30 minute naps. (That’s also when I clean and eat… that’s why some days I’m not so vocal.)

  3. Whew! Integrity preserved, and no desperate measures required. (I think I messed up the link I put in my comment, but you didn’t need it anyway.)

    You were so close to where we live. In some ways we still have strong connections to the university. It’s too bad you had to drive through a winter storm, though. I guess you don’t get many of those in California.

  4. I’m so glad you got it figured out! I thought of ideas when I was showering after seeing your IM’s to Quartet Dude. But you came up with something much better than my idea! YEA!!! And again I am SOOO JEALOUS! Love Ya!

  5. You were able to change the size of the maps since yesterday. On my gardening blog, Mike showed me where to change the template so that the middle frame was wider and I could fit more photos.

  6. The site is:
    (thanks again, Mike, for helping me re-find it!)

    Originally I put it directly into the blog but the picture was too wide and messed up my template. (And my son isn’t giving me the time to play around with the settings… but if you have time, ask Mike; he’d probably know.) So I copied the pictures and pasted them in as medium size photos.
    Hope that helps!

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