ice cream

Proud Mum, looking at grocery receipt, “you bought two things of ice cream?” Proud Dad, “yes, they were two for seven.” Mum, “I didn’t realize you bought two. You can still get the deal with just one, you know, it’s a ploy they use to get you to buy more.” Dad, “we need ice cream.” […]

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It’s the second fall I’m not sharpening my pencils. I’ve looked longingly once or twice in the drawer at the bag of pencils marked “Teacher’s Pencil.” I’m not regretting my choice, but I just miss the anticipation and renewal that fall brings. It’s so much fun; new class, teachers, friends, clothes, books, new future, clean […]

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danger boy

According to family lore I fell off the sewing machine table when I was about eighteen months old. The table tipped and the sewing machine fell on top of me. I received a couple of stitches (from the Dr., not the machine) in my head. Many people have said that being hit on the head […]

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fuel for your walk

As gas prices rose to unprecedented levels last summer I watched in horror and awe. When our little town which had always been at the low ends of the national gas prices reached the $2 mark we refused to gas up our cars. We walked more frequently and just rode on fumes until the price […]

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long-distance birthday

It started out as a casual conversation in one of our first ever alumni chat nights; where were we all living now? Of course when Kim said she was living in Chicago I had to chime in how much the family loves Chicago, the food, the museums, the food… Today for Paul’s birthday the most […]

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