scarecrow in the herb garden

We went to the Huntington Gardens yesterday. It was, of course, the hottest day in a month, 15 degrees above the average for that day, and crowded because it was the free day. But as I’ve kept myself and my son sequestered in the house because these four brush fires in the area have destroyed […]

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autumn blues

October.And the trees are stripped bareOf all they wear.What do I care?October.And kingdoms rise,And kingdoms fall,But you go on, and on. (October, U2) As I reflected on Karen’s thoughts on October I immediately thought of this U2 song, and of my own feelings on fall. I never minded October, but I am a big fan […]

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most intriguing forward

Found this in my inbox this morning. Normally I hate forwards and I don’t even read them before I delete them, but this one I just couldn’t resist (I have, however, edited it to fit the needs of my blog): ONE WORDDescribe me in one word – just one . (I find it interesting that […]

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