Homemade Mommy

The women in our playgroup have stuck together for nearly a year, now. We’ve survived teething and toddles, nursing and weaning (for most of us). We found each other through mutual birth philosophies and have stuck together with similar parenting philosophies. Our parenting differs individually as our personalities stand out and it’s been so fun to see ourselves develop and find our styles. We’ve even adopted different nick-names to illustrate our parenting styles.

Marcy calls herself the Irresponsible Mommy. She isn’t really irresponsible, just casual. I would definitely trust her with my son. She doesn’t have a stack of parenting books and just follows as her instincts decree. Her daughter is thriving both physically and emotionally. Really Marcy’s name is a misnomer but she labels herself in this way all the time. “You guys have to look out for me,” she says, “remember, I’m the Irresponsible Mommy!”

Windy is definitely Laid Back Mommy. Her parenting decisions are well-thought out with the sake of her daughter always in mind, but she doesn’t stress out over anything and she doesn’t bend over backwards doing ridiculous things or worry about which order to introduce the baby foods. Her daughter is strong, independent, and a great friend to my son.

I am the Homemade Mommy. For almost every playgroup potluck the food I bring is homemade, they know I’m often making the baby shower gifts I present, and starting my little handmade business, and I’m the only one that made a Halloween costume this year. They tease me about the costume, but all agree that it’s really the best idea for my son for this year. (A Duracell battery.)

I really am Homemade Mommy this week. Last night for a women’s gathering a church we had an informal “cook off” for chili and desserts. All of the food was so delicious and I think as women we had forgotten but some of the husbands were in the kitchen as our panel of judges. I have already mentioned that I make a good apple pie so that’s what I prepared for last night. My husband said that he would not judge mine as it would not be fair. As the dinner progressed and the men moved on to the desserts mine became a topic for debate as my neighbour went up for seconds, so she was able to eavesdrop and tell me what happened.

Some of the men claimed that the apple pie should be in the store bought section, and not in the section of homemade desserts waiting to be judged. (Personally, I think homemade is yummier than store bought but I’m sure it was meant complementarily.) My husband insisted it was homemade and not a mistake, while trying to maintain the anonymity of the baker. Finally he said, “I know it’s homemade because it’s my wife’s and I saw her make it.” They tasted it and by unanimous decision awarded me the first place. (Gratifying! Although it was very informal, it was really fun to think that I had won a baking contest as I don’t consider myself that proficient in the kitchen.)

Tomorrow I’m going to a baby shower and will be giving the homemade with real towels hooded towel. And on Sunday, to add to my husband’s bragging rights, I’m playing a violin piano duet.

I feel like such a domestic diva! (as long as no one looks in my house…)

6 thoughts on “Homemade Mommy

  1. You are so domestic. What kind of apples do you use in your pie? (Not that I’d ever bake one, but I’m just curious.) Or is that a secret?

  2. Theres nothing wrong with being a homemade mommy! I look up to you because I think you’re more “homemade” than I am.

  3. Oh and congrats on the pie competition winning. I haven’t even tasted it and say yours is probably the best I’ve ever tasted!

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