Blogthing Monster

I just had to copy this from Alyson… and boy did I learn something about myself! Your Monster Profile Death StranglerYou Feast On: FingernailsYou Lurk Around In: SewersYou Especially Like to Torment: Emo Kids What’s Your Monster Name? I’m enchanting! 🙂

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Philosophy of Dolls

I couldn’t have been older than six when I first formulated my Philosophy of Dolls. I had a good foundation in the concept that we are on earth to be tested, to prove ourselves, and that we had the free agency to do what we wanted. What I didn’t understand was the omnipotence of God. […]

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Social Philosophy

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what happens when other people step in to help someone. Sometimes the recipient is offended, but sometimes they are grateful. Sometimes the assistance is appropriate, sometimes it is given to create a oneupmanship between the giver and receiver. What of the children? What happens when people step in […]

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I can’t resist

I’ve gotta get off these memes, but after this one. I saw it on Karen’s and I just couldn’t help myself. Directions, google your name followed by the word “needs.” These are the things that I need: a rest (yes, and it’s only first thing in the morning) a childhood two therapists (how do they […]

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Two new mothers, disappointed with the selections for baby carriers at their disposal, set out to design a sling to fit their needs. The materials were so unique that they started making these slings for their friends, also disappointed with styles and fabrics available. Soon the Rockin’ Baby Sling was born and a new business […]

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to my tutee

I’ve been trying to call you all week;I know that you’re home during the daybecause you’ve been suspended. The only time anyone answered the phoneShe didn’t speak any EnglishAnd we all know I don’t habla.After I said your name questioninglyseveral timesI think she said “no.”But we all know I don’t habla. The other times I […]

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Google Images of My Life

Got this idea from Jen, clever girl. Directions:Go to Google and click on the images link. Type in the following and post the first (or your favorite) picture the search engine finds.– The name of the town where you grew up– The name of the town where you live now– Your name– Your Grandmother’s name […]

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scarecrow in the herb garden

We went to the Huntington Gardens yesterday. It was, of course, the hottest day in a month, 15 degrees above the average for that day, and crowded because it was the free day. But as I’ve kept myself and my son sequestered in the house because these four brush fires in the area have destroyed […]

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autumn blues

October.And the trees are stripped bareOf all they wear.What do I care?October.And kingdoms rise,And kingdoms fall,But you go on, and on. (October, U2) As I reflected on Karen’s thoughts on October I immediately thought of this U2 song, and of my own feelings on fall. I never minded October, but I am a big fan […]

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most intriguing forward

Found this in my inbox this morning. Normally I hate forwards and I don’t even read them before I delete them, but this one I just couldn’t resist (I have, however, edited it to fit the needs of my blog): ONE WORDDescribe me in one word – just one . (I find it interesting that […]

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