My Role as a Woman

His first day in Hawaii, my husband (then fiance) called me and his family to tell us how cold he had been his first night. It was January and his complaints fell on blizzard-frozen ears in Detroit and my only-slightly-more sympathetic ears in Idaho. What of the lightweight blanket he had received for Christmas? It was a throw, and not large enough to cover his whole body. He slept his first night under his beach towel.

My roommate, Cathy, scolded me when she heard of my fiance’s plight. “You have failed as a woman,” she adamantly told me. “You need to make him a blanket.”

My resume of crochet consisted of chaining a couple of Barbie scarves as a child. Each Christmas I would ask my mother to teach me, full of all sorts of holiday aspirations to make homemade gifts. Each Christmas I found the previous year’s half-finished Barbie scarf.

But Cathy was patient, and persistent! She taught me a grannie square and good-naturedly talked me out of some nasty mistakes. Soon my creation was starting to look square-like and was getting bigger. I had a vision. I bought several different colours and attached meaning to them each.

White symbolized the purity of our love.
Royal Blue symbolized Paul as it is his favourite colour.
Lavender symbolized me as it is my favourite scent and my favourite colour at the time.
Navy was night the sky which covered us both no matter the distance.
Yellow was the sun which warmed us both; yellow was also the sand in Hawaii, where he was and I soon would be.

I got very involved in the symbolism and the patterns I was creating. I worked fervently, thinking of poor Paul who was freezing in Hawaii. Did my marks suffer? I’m sure of it. But it was early enough on in the semester, if I could only finish this project then I could return to my schoolwork. I made it just big enough for a twin bed, but had plans to add on when we were married and put it on our bed.

I barely finished in time for Valentine’s Day and proudly sent it off.

We still have it, in the box of extra linens. It’s the last thing I dig out if our guests are cold. I never added on to it. I don’t show it off. The meaning and the labour is nice and all, but that blanket is truly one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen.

Good thing he still married me after seeing my “handiwork!”

Since then I’ve improved my craft, my favourite item that I’ve been making lately is a crocheted maryjane-style bootie with sock attached.

4 thoughts on “My Role as a Woman

  1. I want to see a picture of the quilt. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Those maryjane’s are very cute. Good job, and its not surprising that they are selling at the store so well!

  2. i’m cold. i want to see it.

    c’mon, you can show us. pleeeeeeeeeeease!

    it’s cool that you made this blanket, for reals. when i was back home (yeah, i know) one of my aunts showed me a quilt… the patchwork was really odd, and as you looked closely, you could see the creator of the quilt literally patched different materials together just to get enough to fill a square, over and over again. at first glance, it wasn’t that impressive, but when you really studied it, it was skillfully impressive, and emotionally impressive because you knew the patch work was a necessity- she used what she could find… because she couldn’t afford to buy material. (it was my aunts mother-in-laws mothers quilt) confused much? heh. anyway, the story of your blanket reminded me of it… the time you must’ve put into it, the emotional investment… maybe someday you’ll change your mind about showing it? maybe not. and that’s ok too.

  3. C’mon!! I wanna see it!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I sewed myself a dress out of this sunflower material back when I was in high school (I had one of those weird sunflower kicks for a little while!). I put so much effort into that thing! About a week after it was done I went with my parents to a wedding reception of one of their friends and proudly wore my new dress. It turns out that my dress was the same material that they had used to make their table clothes, and people were making joking comments to me about it all evening. I was sooooo embarrassed! I don’t ever remember wearing it after that!

    But I also made my wedding dress, and that turned out pretty darn good, if I say so myself ๐Ÿ™‚

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