A Baby Boy for Christmas

Last year I spent December on the couch. I was too weak to do much else, and too tired. My infant son cuddled with me and we enjoyed the season together. Having a brand new baby boy just in time for Christmas really brought the Christmas story to a more personal level for me. His first Christmas is one I will never forget, and I hope that all parents, no matter how old their babies are by Christmas, can personalize Christmas with their children. It was sublime.

3 thoughts on “A Baby Boy for Christmas

  1. Amen, Proud Mum. My first was a Christmas Eve baby–2 wks overdue, so anxiously awaited. Best Christmas present ever. We were not able to be with my family in the normal way for Christmas–even tho. we wre in the same town (baby was still in the hospital) which made it a difficult Christmas, and very different from the Christ child’s birth, yet as you say, personalizing for me Mary’s role as never before. and helping to focus on the birth in the story, which is so oft, just sorta skimmed over. Thanks for the memory–and the timely reminder.

  2. Was that baby Sariah?
    (heh, I had to use ALL of my deductive reasoning for that one!)

    Thanks for sharing that story. It was beautiful. I’m glad the feelings are still fresh for you so many years later, I hope they remain that way for me, too.

  3. My first christmas with Will was spent much the same way. Thank you for reminding me to remember the good things instead of the things that make me insane.

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