I am overdue for a brilliant thought. Everything that passes through my mind is either mundane or banal.

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Our Place

Between the 2 and the 5, Fourth unit from the 134, Nestled by two bungalows, Trees, plants, little grass. Our wall-neighbours, The nicest couples, With one sweet baby One cat, and one iquana. Too urban to be a suburb, Too nice to be part of LA, Neither the one, Nor the other. Above, our bedrooms, […]

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Weekly Anamnesis #9

Weekly Anamnesis is a cyber writing project hosted by Natalie. Conclusion I stared at the 60%, written in red, in horror. I had never, ever failed an essay before. What happened? I didn’t shrug off the assignment, I really had tried. There was no instruction, no guidelines in redoing the paper, just the failing grade. […]

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1-2-3 Communicate With Me

Last Monday night when he finally signed “please” without my guiding hand I was elated. Yay! I’ll have a polite son! Something clicked that night. He finally figured out that moving his arms not only got attention but conveyed meaning. It was an explosion of words. By this last weekend (five days from the breakthrough) […]

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Sunny Day

Today I feel so blessed. I have friends who respect me enough to tell me the truth, I have a husband who works a job he hardly likes so that I can stay home with our son (I hope that changes, though, I hope he can get a more fulfilling job), and I have a […]

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