Keeping Up Apprearances

Some people care what others think. Some people don’t. In my family I have both. As I read Karen’s story of picking up the bread under an assumed name I thought of someone I know who will remain anonymous, for whom that same trait is true. She goes to church, has all her life, and […]

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It’s exhilarating to evolve from dependence on our parents and support group to our own independence (to whatever degree that may be.) It’s a very scary epiphany when a person finally realizes that he/she have gone from his/her own independence to dependence on another person. For me it started with being the breadwinner while my […]

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Throughout the day we are presented with a myriad of decisions. Each decision involves choosing one thing and giving up another. Sometimes the things we give up are trivial, like mindlessly watching television for half an hour. Sometimes the things we give up have importance, but can be put off, like scrubbing toilets or doing […]

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