Major Milestone


Tonight he finally did it!

Little Red dropped his cheese to sign “please” for his banana.


I got an early walker instead of an early talker so I’ve recommitted myself to basic sign to try to some basic communication out of him. I’m elated!



6 thoughts on “Major Milestone

  1. Yay!!! I love sign. We’re still working on “more”. Dallin laughs at us as we sign, and he at least puts his arms up in the air when he’s all done, so that’s close enough to the sign, right? Does that mean we can count it??? 🙂

    Anyrate, congrats! I love to see babies sign.

  2. Wow, that’s wonderful! I’ve never actually seen babies sign but I hear about it all the time. It’s always great to hear actual success stories.

  3. D picked up on signing and at some point helearned the sign the same time as learing the word. The word that comes to mind is Book.

    E on the other hand did’t make it past the first set of signs because he didn’t want to sign. When I would sign to him he knew what i was saying and looked at me like of course i want that drink, quit making that sign and go get me one.

  4. heh. i had to read this a few times, because i might have got a little too giddy at the, “dropped his cheese to sign ‘please'” part. and it might have taken me a minute to comprehend it, too.

    that’s so cool, though. and you should be elated! little red is a rockstar. 😀

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