Our Place

Between the 2 and the 5,
Fourth unit from the 134,
Nestled by two bungalows,
Trees, plants, little grass.

Our wall-neighbours,
The nicest couples,
With one sweet baby
One cat, and one iquana.

Too urban to be a suburb,
Too nice to be part of LA,
Neither the one,
Nor the other.

Above, our bedrooms,
Below, the garage,
It’s small, and not ours,
But it’s our home,
and the home of sweet memories
growing into parenthood.

fourth_fret said…
heather, when i read your stuff, i just feel silly posting mine… i mean, i can really feel the difference in a poet… and pseudo poet, if that makes sense.

i don’t know if the images i’ve conjured up are accurate, but… you’ve succeeded in describing things in such a way that i could see it. even if it is my own version. heh

GoofyJ said…
It made me feel cozy,like I was in a warm safe place, the feeling you get when you’re snuggled in your bed on a cold morning and you just want to stay there

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