Clean and Pure Irony

11 thoughts on “Clean and Pure Irony

  1. Thats irony at its finest.

    …and isn’t a Prius a hybrid vehicle?

    Maybe he thinks that driving a hybrid vehicle and asking others to save the whales by not polluting the waters makes up for him polluting the air with his filthy stench.

  2. devil’s advocate: how come it’s not irony when everyone who drives environmentally damaging cars mock a smoker?


    i would have found more irony if he’d been eating some sort of fish. but that’s just me… 😛

  3. ABQ, yes it’s a hybrid.

    Karen, maybe?

    Sariah, my windows were down, so at least I didn’t have to smell it.

    FF, interesting question, but I’m compelled to brag that when I’m not stuck in LA traffic I can get nearly 40 mpg in my little focus. That’s what most hybrids aspire to anyway, so I can mock. 🙂 But now I wonder what you drive…? And yes, eating fish, that would have been something.

  4. actually, i don’t drive. although, i did drive a camry for years. i sold my car because… transportation around here is easier without the wheels. ie; walking, biking… bus. (the big city suits me well)

    i smoke though. so i won’t be making fun of either. (not a proud smoker by the way, just an addicted one who hasn’t figured out to give the habit a final boot.) and i think it’s a disgusting habit also. that’s why none of you knew i smoked. it’s not something to brag about. heh.

  5. i thought i should come back and see how snooty (heh, i said snooty) i sounded when i wrote this.

    few things to point out- the not driving thing has zero to do with concern for the environment. it didn’t even come into the equation at all for me. i was thinking more along the lines of- lives in one of the highest areas for car theft in the nation, rediculous cost of insurance, rediculous attitude of my own, saying “jump in the car and drive half a block, rather than walking.” heh. so lazy, lazy prompted me, i guess.

    as for the smoking. hate it. it’s not a leisure activity like some say. at least not for me. it’s time consuming, money consuming, lung consuming.

    and i’m really weird about it. never smoke indoors, never smoke around people, never sit in smoking sections at restruants, on and on. i’m like… the antismoker smoker. heh.

    (and i’m down to less than half a pack a day. ima quit. hopefully.)

    ok, you can have your blog back. 😉

  6. I didn’t think you sounded snooty (great word, btw.) But then, I’m usually the last person to take offense.

    I understand quitting smoking is as hard to do as quitting heroin. If/when you quit, you’ll be my heroine! (–too corny?) I’ve got friends and family that smoke, but I think you’re the most courteous smoker ever. Does PMF smoke?

  7. no pmf doesn’t smoke which is one of the reasons i’m drawn to him. i don’t want to be with a smoker because i don’t want to be a smoker. if that makes any sense whatsoever.

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