Letter To My Son

Dear Little Red, you tried to wake up early this morning, but I was able to get us to nap on the couch until a more reasonable time. You played well this morning, but you did have your grouchy moments. I wasn’t sure if you’re feeling the same sore throat I am, or if you […]

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From an intellectual standpoint I consider it a piece of Jeopardy trivia that the underside of the refrigerator is also magnetic. It’s an interesting fact. However, he who designed the refrigerators in such a way is no friend of mine. I’ve lost the alphabet again today.

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This Land is Your Land?

On Saturday, after a day of student protests across Los Angeles, 500,000 people swarmed the city in protest of pending immigration legislation. I respect the right to a peaceful protest. But I have a hard time respecting idiots. In LA they waved their Mexican flags and chanted “Mexico, Mexico.” The last time I checked we […]

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Weekly Anamnesis #16

Amendment For the fifth time in a week I woke up in a cold sweat: I was breathless, I was anxious, I was truly terrified. I didn’t dream of zombies in my closet or an alien invasion -no, those didn’t scare me- I dreamt, once again, that I had developed crippling arthritis in my hands. […]

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Weekly Anamnesis #15

Weekly Anamnesis now has it’s own site! Check it out to read everyone’s contributions and to get the rules of the project. Congratulations Wanda called me without any warning and asked me to come in for an interview — apparently a counselor in the school district in which I was subbing thought I’d be an […]

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Femme Fatale

She started her infamous career quietly, an intelligent girl from a repressive, backward village. She escaped in her adolescence, but couldn’t shake off her bitterness. Finally able to educate herself and make her mark in the world, she would use the arbitrary cruelty that had been inflicted on her childhood as a hallmark of her […]

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Virtuous Vampires

With how much of modern medicine is needle-related, no one in the free world should be afraid of needles, yet we all know people whose paranoia affects their decisions. I’m blessed to not have such a fear, but last night I did a good job of psyching myself out. Half an hour after my scheduled […]

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