For No One

Hey Jude, You’ve got to hide your love away, Oh! Darling I don’t want to spoil the party.I’ll be back, Back in the USSR, (The magical mystery tour) I will.We can work it out. Tomorrow never knows She loves you– She came in through the bathroom window. Got to get you into my life In […]

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Weekly Anamnesis #20

Register Sometimes the most natural things are the ones that require the biggest learning curve. In the grand scheme of things breastfeeding a baby is an ancient tenet of human survival, but to a new mother it’s a huge hurdle and there’s so much to know and figure out. It doesn’t help that neither the […]

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Second Hand Sunday Post

Yesterday in the car home from the grocery store Little Red wanted to pray — probably to bless the baguette he was so carefully holding. After my husband prayed with him he wanted to pray again. Without waiting for Daddy he folded his arms and said, “pray pray pray pray pray, amen.” I’m so sorry […]

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Admire Me No More, My Friends

This has got to stop.It’s been a year and a half (almost) that our friends have admired the locking glass doors on the tv cabinet that houses our dvd player, vcr, stereo, and movies. It’s been a year and a half that people say, “what a good idea” and “you’re so smart.” Please stop. We […]

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