Clerihew: Cara

Let me tell you about my friend Cara, She’s from the desert but not the Sahara. She’s whitty and clever and ever-so funny She can make a rainy day sunny. fourth_fret said… heh. you’re like the clerihew guru, or something. 😉 i can’t figure these things out. 😦 GoofyJ said… ha! I didn’t even realize […]


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Clerihew: Dana

A talented girl, her name is Dana, Her photographs are visual manna, She’s does well to keep up with her kids, She lets them play with pots, pans, and lids. ABQ Mom said … you’re so sweet. Thank you.

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Clerihew: Karen

She’s writer, she’s wife, she’s mother, she’s Karen, One look at her yard and you see it’s not barren, She’s full of ideas and talents galore, Just look at her blog and you’re left wanting more!

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