Curiosity Killed … Me?

6 thoughts on “Curiosity Killed … Me?

  1. if you’d be the one laying at a different angle all together, that’d be my guess. but my initial response is…

    you’re dead?

    and typing?

    that’s amazing!

  2. Are you typing with a missing finger, too?

    Kidding. When I looked at the photo of that project, I figured the face at the bottom left was yours.

  3. oh geez. you say bottom left, i say laying at a different angle all together. tomato, tomahto.


  4. Wow, I’m surprised that even ABQ got it wrong, after all, she knew me back when I was skinny. I’m the most recently dead of the bunch — the pasty face in the top left.

    But at this stage in my life my face resembles that at the bottom a little more.

    As for the hand, our model is intact and the injury came after. Injury aside I always admired the gracefulness of Meghan’s hand (in real life). I know that’s wierd, but I am a pianist and I notice things like that.

  5. I was debating between the top left or the bottom left. I couldn’t make up my mind so decided to follow the crowd. Thats what I get for not thinking for myself. :~}

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