Weekly Anamnesis #20


Sometimes the most natural things are the ones that require the biggest learning curve. In the grand scheme of things breastfeeding a baby is an ancient tenet of human survival, but to a new mother it’s a huge hurdle and there’s so much to know and figure out. It doesn’t help that neither the baby nor the mother is born knowing what to do.

The best advice I ever heard was to surround myself with other breastfeeding mothers. With that circle of experience a new mother can get the support she needs. The unsaid reason is that we can learn how to do it modestly without embarassing ourselves or making anyone else uncomfortable.

Yesterday in playgroup a very new mother came for the first time. At once she said, “oops, I forgot I’m not at home and here I am dripping all over the place and flashing you all.”

It hadn’t registered with any of us, breastfeeding and bottlefeeding mothers alike.

“Nipples are like wallpaper, no one notices.”


6 thoughts on “Weekly Anamnesis #20

  1. I just had a conversation with my friend who’s due to have her 1st baby in June. She was curious as to whether she should take a breastfeeding class or go to a la leche league class. Then you write this and it made me laugh.

  2. Your post was funny. At first I didn’t understand how it fit with the word register until the very last… yep… a hard hitting expose


  3. I get made fun of a lot. Two kids and over two years of breastfeeding…and I still generally try to be by myself when Jenacy gets hungry! I don’t care if it’s just a big group of nursing moms in a specific Mothers room, but if it’s anywhere else I generally excuse myself.

    Personal quirk πŸ™‚

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