Of Memorial Day, Half-Birthday, and Big Brother of New Nephew (aka a random summary of yesterday)

Yesterday was a picture-perfect day in Southern California. The sky was blue and cloudless, the temperature was splendid, and the agenda included family. We set out early to make the most of our day in San Diego, and we were fortunate to have good traffic in both directions; Paul really is clever with traffic. He’s been at this long enough that he’s got leaving San Diego at the end of a holiday and not having traffic down to an art. He’s really a genius.

Yesterday was Little Red’s half birthday and it was very nice of the United States of America to celebrate with a national holiday (–Memorial Day? Just a coincidence, I’m sure.) He’s getting so grown up. It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years ago I was pregnant and teaching in Virginia. We’re transitioning him into nursery, which is fun, and he does really well as long as I’m in the room. He’ll separate when he’s ready, in the meantime, I’m happy to sit in the corner and watch him grow up. Our nursery leader is very accomodating and supportive of us easing him into this new world.

We had a lot of fun visiting my husband’s brother and family. We took Big Brother and Nona to the park to give his parents some rest time, and we had a great time. Balboa Park is a manageable walk from the apartment and has endless adventure. The boys wore themselves out and slept the whole way home, while my husband and I chatted with his mother. Once back at the apartment we had a great time visiting with New Nephew. He’s a right cutie, and I think he looks a fair bit like his brother. His poor parents are still working out the name, one day they’ll feel good about one name, the next morning it just doesn’t seem right. I personally think that if they’re feeling so much ambivalence about the chosen names it means none of them are right and they should scrap them (for this baby, at least, because they’re cute names and may be good for subsequent children) and start fresh. But then, it was easy for us, all we had to do was ask our baby on the day he was born.

Little Red didn’t sleep well last night. I think he was overtired and overstimulated from the day, and I know he’s working on his last few teeth. No matter, he seems himself now and we’re going to the park with the water fountain, today. (It has a name, but if I said “Mayor’s Discovery Park” in La Cañada, would anyone know how cool it was?)

4 thoughts on “Of Memorial Day, Half-Birthday, and Big Brother of New Nephew (aka a random summary of yesterday)

  1. Southern California weather sounds like Albuquerque New Mexico weather. 😛

    It really is wonderful when you can master the art of holiday traffic. We figured it out pretty quickly when we were living in Phoenix. Leave early on Friday or LATE on Friday or early on Saturday. None of this leave at 5pm on Friday stuff. Coming back it was early sunday (or the holiday) or a date after or you were in bumper-to-bumper at a snail’s pace for 2 1/2 hours!

    Little Red will settle into Nursery eventually. I’m glad to hear you’re not trying to “baptize by fire” him into it. 😉

    How fun for Little Red to spend the day with his cousin. What a great day. I tend to agree with you on the name situation for your New Nephew. If they’re having that hard of a time deciding then maybe they do need to start from scratch.

    My friend’s had their baby on Friday May 26th too. Little Girl. As of Sunday when they called they still hadn’t decided on a name yet. 🙂

  2. Heather, I didn’t find an underlying theme… so good for randomness. Or maybe the theme was “this past weekend”?? Anywho…

    My sister works at Balboa Park. Well, at the Globe. And I think this is her last week. But still…

    The name thing will figure itself out. I can’t stand not having a name for the baby for more than an hour or so after the birth, but that’s just me. We don’t make any final decisions, though, until the birth. Oh, and I found it really hard to actually call my babies by their new names. After months of “the baby” or “it”, it took me another couple of months to say “Aiden” and “Dallin” when referring to The Baby.

  3. all this time i should have been suggesting names over here…

    um… george?


    this is why i don’t have children.

  4. Jaedin didn’t really have a transition time in Nursery. We took him in and he started playing. Then he looked over his shoulder at me and said, “Bye.” and went back to playing. And he’s never looked back!

    I tend to think that Jenacy is going to be a different story, but maybe she’ll surprise me and love it.

    This name thing is so weird to me!!! I can’t imagine not having a name chosen by the birth! I understand not naming until you see the child, but not having any name chosen at all?! That’s crazy!!! I’d go so nuts!! 🙂

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