I think it’s naptime . . .

I think it’s naptime.

Actually, naptime was several hours ago.

But as said nap has not yet occured, it is still naptime and will remain thus until the situation is rectified.

That means it’s naptime. It is the time of the naps. It is that special time during the day when every mother can breathe a sigh of relief (right before she realizes that the list of things she must do during the nap is far greater than her ability to do so and the time alloted.)

I think it’s naptime.

Someone needs to call the labour board. My contract clearly states that there must be at least one break during the day.

I know he’s tired. We’ve been up since 5:30 this morning. We’ve been out on two walks, and had a friend over here to play. I know he can’t be hungry, he’s eaten almost as much as me today. I know he’s tired. It’s naptime. Don’t we get naps around here? Who’s big idea was this anyway?!

I think it’s naptime. Isn’t it naptime? I’m pretty sure it’s naptime. Yes, it is that time. What time is it? Naptime. Are you sure I don’t recall oh yes it’s naptime I think it’s naptime isn’t it naptime I’m pretty sure it’s naptime don’t we get naps around here isn’t it naptime i’m pretty sure it’s naptime yes it is that time what time is it it’s naptime are you sure i dont recall oh yes its naptime i think its naptime isnt it
naptime im pretty sure it’snaptimeitsnaptimedontwegetnapsaround


4 thoughts on “I think it’s naptime . . .

  1. i read this awhile back and though… this feels so desperate. in fact, after i read it, i turned of the computer and took a nap. it was a sympathy nap though. hehe

  2. So did you ever get a naptime? I’m so sorry. Feel free to rant and scream. Arr, I’m a pirate and all that jazz!

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