Just Call Child Services in Advance

Little Red has really taken to my old Cabbage Patch Kid, toting it around the house, kissing it, and changing it’s diaper. It’s really sweet to see him be so protective to the baby. I thought this would be a great continuation of our lessons with real babies, to be kind and gentle. And since I’ve told him every day since he was born that he would not be an only child I thought this would be a great extension.

But the Cabbage Patch Kid is a toy, so it doesn’t always get the gentle treatment. One day after playing in the crib with the baby he decided he was done, and threw the doll out of the crib as he does his other toys. Ooooh, we don’t throw babies. Unfortunately, after being told not to, he did it again a few more times, and received a time out — a rarity saved only for big things.

A couple of days later, as we were cleaning up and getting him ready for bed, my husband picked up the Cabbage Patch Kid and tossed it down the stairs, with Little Red in plain view of the infraction. yikes! When Little Red is a big brother he’s never going to be out of my sight!

5 thoughts on “Just Call Child Services in Advance

  1. So did your husband get a timeout? Really, you might as well get used to consistency if you’re going to have more kids. Treat them all the same. 😉

  2. Dad needs time out–in front of Little Red for the same infraction! Karen is so right! I think I put myself in time out for getting mad and loosing my temper, more often that all my kids combined. But I was the worse offender, so it was only right. [and if I didn’t put me in time out, they did.]

  3. I felt like giggling too (I’ll go to time out here in a minute, heh). I must say, let it be said that my daughters throw, swing, bash, ect. their baby dolls, but they are very, very kind to the babies. I was worried at first when Elizabeth was only 1 and Dorothy was born. I shouldn’t have been. We still had to teach and remind her to be gentle, but she usually was anyway. 🙂 Oh, and Paul and I have given each other time outs a number of times. 🙂

  4. How funny that Paul would have thrown the doll down the stairs. Didn’t he know the rules? Maybe you need to remind him, and did he get a time out? 🙂

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