Oh no she didn’t!

With record highs across the country coupled with scattered blackouts, I can accept a certain level of stupidity from people who have been baking inside their own homes. I’m grateful that I have not yet lost power and I hope that things get resolved soon. But a woman appearing on the news last night just […]

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Ballad of the Daft

She was naïve Trying to be nice But silly girl She did it twice She didn’t realize Until it was late That she had two Instead of one date One for the march And one for the dinner How had she become A social sinner? That infamous day Both sent a corsage She was grateful […]

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Today’s Manifesto

The sun is rising and the birds are waking up. Ahead is another day just like the others. In many ways there is comfort in the sameness of Southern California, because there is no sameness in myself. This morning I have given myself three possibilities for how I’d like to live my day. I may […]

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A good friendis one to whomyou’d give all:space,energy,attention,your naptime. A good friendis someoneto whom you wantto give all,and to whom you tryto give all –Not because she needs itbut because you want to,and because being her friendis so uplifting,and it’s all you can think ofto thank her, for what she doesfor you.

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The Last Word (I hope…)

After several edits we wrote this last night and are going to tape it to their front door today: Dear [next-door neighbours with whom we used to be friends but now shoot us dirty looks]We are really sorry for the miscommunication the other night. Someone buzzed our intercom and Paul looked out to see who […]

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Weekly Anamnesis #30

Mother I think I was still de-toxing from surgery — it had only been a day. Everything was still blurry and I was still narcoleptic (and loving it!) She ran in, having travelled all day, been picked up at LAX by her sister-in-law and rushed straight to my hospital room. She hadn’t spoken with either […]

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