Oh no she didn’t!

With record highs across the country coupled with scattered blackouts, I can accept a certain level of stupidity from people who have been baking inside their own homes. I’m grateful that I have not yet lost power and I hope that things get resolved soon. But a woman appearing on the news last night just made me mad “It’s worse than a nightmare,”she said, “it’s like Katrina all over again but we haven’t lost our homes.”

Are you kidding me?!? She was actually trying to compare two days without power (when she could easily go to a cooling station, a mall, a movie theatre, or the homes of friends and family) to KATRINA?

I’m so ashamed to live in the same state as her.

9 thoughts on “Oh no she didn’t!

  1. Wow, that is just crazy! I can’t believe that she would say such a thing! Ohhh that just makes me mad…

    I would be ashamed to share a state with her as well… although I would then be sharing a state with you, so it wouldn’t be all bad ;-P

  2. Hmm, some people have no sense of proportion.

    Your story reminded me of the opposite effect, that we encountered here in Ontario just after the widespread power outage that hit the U.S. and Canada a couple of years ago. By any calculation that was a newsworthy event, and the press was not casting it as a “disaster” for the people. However, after the coverage appeared in Maclean’s you had people writing in from Saskatchewan and Newfoundland complaining that central Canada was hogging the news again and there were worse “disasters” in their part of the country. Go figure.

    But I know people like the woman you describe. (Sadly, I could almost imagine my mother saying something like that.)

  3. Man, I’d hate for her too see my office then . . . 🙂 heh. Sorry, couldn’t resist. I agree with the previous comments, and shake my head. People like that make me feel sorry for them, once I’m done being bugged by them that is.

  4. that really sucks that she would say something like that. The whole country is dealing with the record highs. Dealing with a blackout should not have come as a suprise and if she were prepared it wouldn’t have been such an “ordeal”! Get over it and go borrow a neighbors pool!

  5. Is it just me or do news people go looking for the most ignorant person an any given group and then put them on TV?

    Hopefully when she saw herself on TV she thought, “I can’t belive I said that…”

  6. Wow. Having just been through a couple days of outage myself, I can tell you it is an inconvience in triple digit weather but that is outrageous! Our pioneer ansestors are probably turning in their graves at our sissiness.

  7. Karma is sooo right! When I start feeling too hot, I look at myself and say put on something lighter. Or I take a siesta. We are rather sissy nowadays. Physically we have it so easy, we lose the capacity to cope. But we all know w can–even with outright stupidity. [She should be ashamed!]

  8. are you crazy!? her ice cream coulda melted! TRAGEDY!!!


    i wouldn’t be too mad at her. i think it’s nice (in a weird, twisted way) when people don’t always have a fair perception of suffering… not because they misunderstand how deeply someone else has suffered, but because… at least they haven’t had to know real suffering themselves. and i don’t know… ignorance is somehow tolerable because every once in awhile… it’s nice to know not everyone suffers.

    i did the worst job ever of explaining what i mean.

    honestly, i’m just worried about the ice cream.

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