Random Friday

Last night we went down to Orange County to visit some friends who were visiting family before they went back to Milwaukee. Because of things we had to do earlier in the day, we didn’t get out until 3 pm and no amount of wishful thinking and happy thoughts would save us from the inevitable: […]

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Computer Graveyard

Our living room has resembled my brother’s high school bedroom since Saturday. That’s when our motherboard, after five years of hard labour, finally died. The timing could not have been worse and I was pretty worried that my husband would go over the edge, but he managed to keep it all together. We had built […]

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Reflections on Mortality

When the Bishop died this summer I reflected on what a wonderful opportunity it was for our ward to prove that our testimonies did not lie with the man, but with the Lord, and that we understood and had faith in the Plan of Salvation. It was an opportunity for our ward to come together […]

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Death of a Pedometer

The poor thing, it never really had a chance, anyway. A pedometer is a highly sensitive piece of equipment, it can not survive the test of new canines from a toddler. Nor can it survive being submerged in whole milk. Let us have a moment of peace.

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She was stunningly striking, standing out not just because of her height or her race but because of who she was. She was daringly different, at times a little gothic at times purely princess but always genuine. Out of the group I thought she would do the most (not because of potential but because of […]

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Seven is Heaven

I still think of us as newlyweds. I guess in many ways we are. But to so many of our friends who have been married more recently than we have, we are the “old” couple. It doesn’t matter either way. What matters is that we love each other, we are committed to each other, and […]

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