Silly Boy

This afternoon as our babysitter and her son and Little Red were taking me to work Little Red and Jack were being the biggest goofballs in the back. I must have known it was a sign of things to come. As we pulled into the parking lot Little Red started chanting “bye bye!” and he […]

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Preparing Number 1 for Number 2

My father was the oldest of his family, and he grew up on a farm outside of Calgary before Calgary became what it now is. He didn’t have a lot of playmates and considered himself lonely. When his mother got pregnant again they told him there was going to be another brother or sister and […]

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Marriage Lessons

Transcript of an email conversation with my husband this morning: “What if I made Little Red a chocolate chip cookie costume? He’d be excited about it, but it wouldn’t be as hot as a full cookie monster fur costume.” “Sounds complicated… But if that’s what you want to do.” “or a carrot or an orange […]

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We all know it’s no one’s business when and if a couple will decide to start a family, yet our society has a morbid desire to poke it’s collective nose into our most private lives. My husband and I had not been married long when our friends, many of whom were procreating, began asking us […]

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The Blonde Hawaiian

I couldn’t have been older than eight when our school had a Hawaiian-themed day to break the long dark winter days. I knew nothing of Hawaii except that it was an island, very warm, and very sunny. I scoured my closet for something to wear and found a shapeless white dress (think mu’u mu’u style) […]

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Mommy Moment

Usually I don’t get any phone calls during the day, but this afternoon the phone didn’t stop! When Little Red woke up from his nap I went upstairs and decided to change his diaper. No sooner was his diaper off and the phone rang so for the second time today I grabbed a dry diaper […]

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Inspiration is like lightning, it doesn’t strike the same place twice. Last year it struck me. This year people are already asking about the follow-up. Didn’t anyone else take science? How am I supposed to top last year? I need your help.

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