Pulling Taffy

In the heat of the summer
Tourists and locals alike
Wander the boardwalk
And looks at the sights.

They take photos of seagulls
And marvel at the curios in the shops;
They stop
And watch me.

Time pulls me and stretches me
Into shapes
And spaces
To refine my texture and sweeten my flavour.

Time is very clever —
Despite how hard he tugs
And despite how desperately
I think I’ll break
He never breaks me
He only makes me stronger
And smoother.

As the tourists return
To their mundane,
And the locals return
To their regularly scheduled programming
I receive some respite.
The insanity
Of my refinement
Is pausing.

For a moment there is peace
(and some pieces.)

ABQ Mom said…
There’s a song by Lisa Loab titled “Pulling Taffy” too. It’s a favorite of mine.

I like how this poem talks about how the different stresses and things of our life help to mold who we are and who we will become.

GoofyJ said…
I love this poem pm, I could have sworn I had commented on it already. Well done. 🙂 I love your use of personification too.

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