The friendly competition between René and myself began in grade one (back then Kindergarten was still non-academic) and continued on and off until I moved back up north. I have three memories of grade one: frequent nosebleeds, copying Luc et Martine va a l’école. off the chalkboard, and racing René to finish the math book. […]

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When I first moved to the States, I thought the timing of Thanksgiving so late in the year and so close to Christmas was akward. Why not have it on Columbus Day instead of creating a magnaholiday of Hallowe’en/Veteren’sDay/Thanksgiving/Christmas/NewYear’s? …until I realized that Thanksgiving’s timing in the US was specifically designed to get college students […]

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Fie! A Pox and a Hex on You!

There’s no way I got this cold from kissing my husband morning and night. His Airborne/Zicam/Tylenol coctail shielded me from any germs that would normally have transferred during the process. It’s just as unlikely that I got this cold from my students. We all know that while they don’t wash their hands after using the […]

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Lip Service

I’m really debating whether I should post this at all. After all, “better late than never” is not always the case, sometimes it’s just insulting. My Grandfather, still living, fought in WWII. And although this may be the last year he walks on his own in the parade, he did so, at 95 years old. […]

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Vacancy not Posted

Once upon a time when I was even more idealistic than I am now, I dreamed that my pregnancies would be times of deep introspection and contemplation. I would be so focused on the new life and so in tune with the little guy that I’d reach a new level of intelligence. In reality when […]

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Think Pink or True Blue?

Well folks, what it really came down to was science vs. superstition. Was science right in saying that the length of time before ovulation was long enough to kill off the boys and leave only the girls, or was superstition right in that the Phillips’ can only have boys? Grab your talismans and recite your […]

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Get Out The Vote

Yesterday was Election Day in the United States. Today, regardless of citizenship, nationality, or residency status, everyone is encouraged to vote here. Tomorrow we should find out the gender of the little one clinging to my walls, making today the last day to speculate. You can make an informed decision by carefully reading the voter’s […]

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