Think Pink or True Blue?

Well folks, what it really came down to was science vs. superstition. Was science right in saying that the length of time before ovulation was long enough to kill off the boys and leave only the girls, or was superstition right in that the Phillips’ can only have boys?

Grab your talismans and recite your lucky mantras; call Guiness because we’re going for a record. The family has another boy. We are, of course, pleased either way, but my husband did seem a little relieved. We know boys. Boys are safe for us. Little Red has a little buddy on the way.

My husband’s grandmother saw a fortune teller eons ago who told her that she would only have male decendants. That woman had a gift.


6 thoughts on “Think Pink or True Blue?

  1. I could only hope you’d find a way to break the streak. But I’m happy for you and you’re upcoming boy. 🙂

    That fortune teller really did have a gift! (or she cursed the family so that her fortune would be true).

  2. Yes, only 2 more characteristics and then I win. congrats on your boy. I think i would feel the same way if I were you. I only have boys. I know boys. I don’t think I could be a mom of girls.

  3. YAY FOR BOYS! I would love to have a boy in the family! The odds are stacked against us having boys, just as the odds are stacked against you with girls lol… Im so happy for you guys!

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