Vacancy not Posted

Once upon a time when I was even more idealistic than I am now, I dreamed that my pregnancies would be times of deep introspection and contemplation. I would be so focused on the new life and so in tune with the little guy that I’d reach a new level of intelligence.

In reality when I am pregnant my brain and body are so busy dividing the right cells and keeping homeostasis that there are few resources left for me. I’m not more intelligent or more deep, in fact, I’m more daft and shallow. The first time around I attributed my lack of cognition to the move, the adjustment, etc. This time I know definitively that it’s the pregnancy, but I also have the hope that my mind will return to me in a few months.

In the meantime, please bear with me as I try to remain lucid and do my best to not let my brain slip out my ears.


One thought on “Vacancy not Posted

  1. I’m sorry. Jess’s sorry for your hubby and all other hubbies/boyfriends who have to deal with pregnant women who lose their powers of the mind. We actually talked to this couple who were asking about pregnancy, and jess said that was the worst part about it. No matter what, the woman could not remember a thing unless it was already a routine. Unfortunately, it’s true.

    So, be as aloof as you want. If anyone asks, just say, “I’m sorry, I’m pregnant. I hope that answers all of your questions.” If it doesn’t, then too bad! 😀

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