When I first moved to the States, I thought the timing of Thanksgiving so late in the year and so close to Christmas was akward. Why not have it on Columbus Day instead of creating a magnaholiday of Hallowe’en/Veteren’sDay/Thanksgiving/Christmas/NewYear’s?

…until I realized that Thanksgiving’s timing in the US was specifically designed to get college students through the semester. Thanksgiving weekend was always right in that slump when we had tonnes of projects and assignments due and it was also time to start studying for finals. It was impossible to get everything done without that four day weekend.

It took me a while to adopt an affinity for American holidays, but as each year passes I realize more and more than with my own family so far away the American holidays and the family time they foster is the only family I get to enjoy.

I’m so thankful that I enjoy the company of my in-laws. I’m thankful that we live close enough to some of them that we can see them with some frequency. I’m thankful that they think of me as their own. They’ll never replace my own family, but I’m so blessed that I can love and appreciate them for who they are.

2 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. In-laws always get a bad rap, but the good ones can definitely make life sweet 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Put the Christmas lights up without killing yourself Tuesday/ And all the other crazy American holidays that are imminently coming!!!

  2. I just want to say ditto to your last paragraph. After spending almost a week with my in-laws it’s always sad to leave.

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