Control Freak

Well, thanks for our early mornings, my Christmas cards are done. There are no cute family photos, there are no personal touches. I seem to alternate years with my cards: boxed, handmade, boxed, handmade. Lucky for me this was a boxed year because try as I might I just couldn’t get a family picture or anything else to go my way.

Signed, stamped, and sealed, they are ready for the mailbox this morning. And although I know they’ll be out of order the second I drop them in the big blue box, all the US-bound cards are organized in ascending order according to zip code (and the Canadian ones alphabetically by last name.)

It doesn’t make a bit of difference to anyone but me. But it’s the only way I can keep a semblance of order amid the chaos I cannot control and the housekeeping that’s always one step ahead.

But you already knew I was crazy.


6 thoughts on “Control Freak

  1. i purchase cards with the best of intentions, start to fill out a couple, get distracted, wait till christmas passes, and then file ’em in a “uh oh, i suck” box.

    you don’t have to be alphabetical then.

  2. This is funny to me because I totally orgnaize my cards, too. I do it by country, then state or province, then in alphabetical order. I like to come up with different ways to organize them, too, like by zip or postal code, by family (like a family tree) and friends, and by how long I’ve known that person for. I started doing it with my wedding invitations, and now I do it with Christmas cards. No one knew… until now. The secret is out. At least you know you aren’t the only crazy one out there.

  3. I organize my Christmas cards by… um, I don’t organize my Christmas cards. And this year, I’m not even sure I’ll get around to doing them. I seem to be spending most of my time managing meltdowns these days (my son’s and mine).

  4. Sariah! I never knew!

    Hard to believe I am her mother–once I addressed all my cards, signed them and stamped them, but it was a full two years before I wrote the notes in them, and another year before the general letter was done. Then I had to add the raised postage–but I sent them. This years cards are done, except postage, and the letter written, but not printed–all done on Thanksgiving, but I’ve been too busy for the rest. Now the Nativity Pageant is over, I’ll do the rest.

    I’ve also been famous in my family for mailing presents a couple, three months late. Last year I had everything in the mail by now, but this year…the Nativity…

    In all honesty, old habits die hard–and some people actually organize their cards!

  5. I do all my christmas card labels on the computer. They’re all alphabetized by last name. That’s about as far as I go to organize my cards.

    I received yours, my dad was here when I opened it. I’ll have to tell you the little joke he and I had when talking about the friendship you and I share.

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