A Whole New Perspective of Myself

We have two vacancies in our nine-unit building right now. (Sadly, no, neither of the vacancies is the couple next door.) Just to stick it to our landlords, the previous tenants of both units even submitted their notice within days of each other. To further stick it to our landlords, the tenants of the second apartment did not clean as they moved out –well, to be fair, I think I should just say they did not clean. Period. (I have from two sources, my husband included, that the previous tenant intends to hire an attorney to recoup his security deposit.)

I happened to be headed out for a walk with Little Red the morning after he left (the girlfriend hightailed it a few weeks before.) My landlords were doing their first walk-through of the apartment as he had refused to do one with them, and were completely distraught. They called me in to show me the state of the very spacious three-bedroom apartment. It was nothing short of horrifying.

I had always suspected the apartment to be really bad, as even with their front door closed, it smelled like a bad pet store as I walked past to get my mail, but there was no way to prepare me for what I actually saw, and there is no way to describe it without photos. (Don’t worry, my landlord took many documentative photos.) It was so bad that even the cleaning lady refused to enter the premises.

My much smaller apartment is often cluttered with toys, there is a pile of mail on the table, and the kitchen counters double as storage because of the lack of adequate cupboards, but it is sanitary. Yes there are days that I choose to play with Little Red instead of cleaning, and I don’t regret a second I have spent napping instead of cleaning. The thing is, my house is messy because of the superficial stuff that is more powerful than this tired, pregnant woman. But I clean. And when we move I will leave the apartment cleaner than when I entered. Finally I don’t feel guilty regarding the state of things.

For the record, for as crazy as our landlords are, they are not the worst we ever had. If we ever moved from this apartment but stayed within the city, it wouldn’t be because of them, but because of our neighbours.


6 thoughts on “A Whole New Perspective of Myself

  1. That sounds absoultely dreadful! I am always sickened to see when people don’t care for their homes…

    I don’t ever regret the days when I choose a better activity over cleaning my house either. 🙂

  2. I’m not the best house keeper either, but at least my house is sanitary! It would drive me so crazy to live in a filthy house. I hope they didn’t have children in that house!

    When we left our ghetto apartments in Oklahoma City we cleaned really well so that we’d be able to get the deposit back. When they came for the walk through they were jaw dropped at how well the apartment was cleaned. I guess they get a lot of people who don’t clean at all. (If I’d known that I probably wouldn’t have cleaned THAT well…I just didn’t want to miss the deposit!!) 🙂

  3. I remember cleaning a rental we had just moved into, and removing piles and piles of cat hair from around the vents. And I know the previous tenants (who had been there a couple of years) had never had a cat. I guess they (and the people before them) never cleaned very thoroughly either.

  4. Yay for getting back deposits. Abd yay for cleaning up after one’s self.

    And yay for doing things more important than cleaning, so long as things are sanitary.

  5. I’ll never forget white-glove checks in our apartment at Ricks. We weren’t slobs but we’d all stay up the whole night before cleaning every nook and cranny to make sure we’d get our deposit back.

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