Hold Please

If you’re going to put me on hold and play Pachelbel’s “Cannon in D” ad nausea, at least finish the song before you repeat it. The entire piece is a circle of fifths and if you fade off in the middle of some line and then start from the beginning you have an unresolved chord! […]

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Cutting Off My Lifeline

The switchover from our old dsl and phone service provider to our new dsl and phone service provider was not as smooth as we had anticipated. Frankly, I didn’t care so much about the phone, apart from being connected to our new intercom system I have little use for it. To my dismay I discovered […]

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Tuesday Toddlerday

Little Red baked some more toys Tuesday night. Fortunately I caught it early as I recognized immediately the smell of foreign items in the oven. I nearly cried when I opened the broiler drawer and saw some of my favourites in there (but rejoiced that although the paint and lacquer took a beating the toys […]

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The Man of My Dreams

A few nights ago I had a dream, in which, without any warning, my husband came home from a night with his friends and informed me that we were getting divorced. I was stunned. I’ve never thought I was a perfect wife but was completely unaware that he was so unhappy. In the days that […]

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