Cutting Off My Lifeline

The switchover from our old dsl and phone service provider to our new dsl and phone service provider was not as smooth as we had anticipated. Frankly, I didn’t care so much about the phone, apart from being connected to our new intercom system I have little use for it. To my dismay I discovered that I have a severe internet addiction. Unfortunately for me, the phone is the one that works.

It isn’t that I spend ten hours a day on the internet, it’s that I go on to the internet ten times a day, at five to ten minutes a piece.

Balancing my chequebook? Online banking, of course.
Paying my bills? Online billpay.
Look up directions? Google maps.
Patterns for the projects I’ve started? Online (I was saving paper by not printing them off.)
Christmas Shopping? Yep, with free shipping why should I battle the mall?
Product reviews? Only the internet provides such a great wealth.
Research anything? Well, you get the idea.
I couldn’t even make calls to my friends as their phone numbers are in my online directories.

I was very patient all weekend, I understood that our new provider was swamped and couldn’t even get in through our old line, had to give us a new number, and then set up the dsl. Besides, our new modem hadn’t yet arrived. Tuesday, when the modem came and I set everything up with my husband on the phone with me and in an online chat with the support guys, when we still couldn’t connect to the internet, I was still patient, optimistically hoping that everything would smooth out by the end of the day.

When the end of the day came and went and the phone support people told us it had something to do with the switchover from the previous provider and that tomorrow at 5 everything should be up and running I lost my patience. Our previous provider, after giving us plenty of notice, had completely discontinued dsl service in our area as of last week. I, after being patient all weekend, have discontinued my patience. We’ve been with these guys before and never had a problem, but if our current woes are any indication of things to come this will be a very long year for them as we call and complain all the time until they finally let us out of our contract. It won’t even be worth the calling plan to Canada if it’s this much of a hassle.

It wasn’t until Thursday that I was connected with someone who actually gave me the straight answer: as our plan is a special bundle of phone and internet with a special digital loop and blah blah blah it requires different equipment than just a standard phone line. That’s why the new phone number and that’s why the delay. When the equipment, which has been shipped, arrives, we’ll be able to schedule a visit with the technician. The whole process usually takes 3-4 weeks. Yes I’m very upset that everyone told us our activation date would be December 18th if it’s a more complicated and lengthy process, but at least with these answers I can move on with my life, and readjust to life with dialup.

2 thoughts on “Cutting Off My Lifeline

  1. Yes even though I haven’t been around I’ve signed on for a few seconds just to see if maybe you were around. I’ve missed you!

  2. Phone/internet hassles have to be the worst, I think. So much of our daily lives are connected through the internet.

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