Tuesday Toddlerday

Little Red baked some more toys Tuesday night. Fortunately I caught it early as I recognized immediately the smell of foreign items in the oven. I nearly cried when I opened the broiler drawer and saw some of my favourites in there (but rejoiced that although the paint and lacquer took a beating the toys were wooden and didn’t melt into the pan as the Sharpie had done.) The police car and ambulance took the worst of the four toys and my husband, in speaking with Little Red about what had happened to his toys and why he should always stay away from the oven, taught Little Red to apologize to the toys he had ruined. This morning as he was about to play with his chunky wooden puzzle (of which several burnt pieces are a part) he picked up the police car and said, “I’m sorry, police car.” Later, when he found the ambulance, he said, “I’m sorry, ambulance.” He has greeted each toy thus every day since.
Interestingly, fire engine came out unscathed.

Lately he’s been having a hard time seeing Daddy go to work in the morning. Several days in a row he’s been saying “Little Red work” when my husband says he’s leaving to work. My husband always tells him that his work is here. Tuesday Little Red picked up his pail of cars and followed my husband to the door, saying “Little Red work, Little Red work.” Wednesday, while helping my husband dress for the day, he donned a tie, tried to tie it, and said, “Little Red work.” I’ve taken to bribing him with advent chocolates just to keep him in the house. It’s a good short-term solution, but come next week we’ll be out of chocolates and I really don’t like the idea of a daily morning candy through the unforeseeable future.

In other Little Red cuteness, Tuesday he did what may have been his cutest thing yet. I picked up an extra hour at the center and while Paul and Little Red were waiting to pick me up Little Red wanted to play with the pepper mill. Sitting on the couch he was saying “pepper, pepper.” My husband couldn’t believe what he heard next, but sure enough Little Red said, “pepper on knee – pepperoni! Pepperoni! Pepperoni!”


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Toddlerday

  1. He really is a cute one. Sorry that he learned what the stove is and does. It truly is funny though. He’s also quite the clever little one.

  2. I’m laughing. Hee hee. Sorry about the toys in the oven. I’m sure your nose works overtime during pregnancy like mine, I’m glad!

    He really is cute and clever.

  3. My kids have never tried putting things in the oven! I’m glad!!

    Jenacy gets upset when Nathan leaves for work. She’ll get her shoes and a toy and wait by the door so she can go too. I’ve been using marshmellows to lure her away. Its a temp fix, but she’s only awake to see him go maybe 2 times a week, so its working for now!

    Little Red is talking more and more! What a smart little boy!

  4. If he’s starting the puns that young you have many delightful years ahead. Maybe. (Start practising your “bad pun” groans now.)

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