This is How Gilligan’s Island Started… (December Date 2)

I was a little nervous putting Little Red to bed last night before 7pm. He was tired, but he really fought it. I was worried that he’d give our teenage babysitter a night to remember, but after fighting through the whole ritual he lay in his bed obligingly and didn’t wake up until 6:30 this morning. Melissa was asleep when we returned, although we were home way earlier than we had thought, and was already gone when we came downstairs this morning. I guess I’ll have to pay her at church.

It was Paul’s company holiday party last night. We celebrated on a dinner cruise in Long Beach Harbor. We planned for holiday traffic to aggravate Saturday night traffic and left with plenty of time to spare to get through the city, we sure didn’t want the boat to leave without us! We were 45 minutes early. We were not the first ones there.

Paul’s boss, whom I had met once before, greeted me with a warm hug and everyone was very friendly. Yes, they had already begun drinking, but I could tell that they were nice people anyway. Before too long we boarded the boat, not without a nervous look from Paul’s boss’ wife who took one look at my belly and expressed concern that the only thing that could ruin our night would be if I went into labour. I assured her we were still months away from worrying about that.

By chance we found ourselves sitting at what was dubbed “the roudy table” before we had hardly begun our salads. It was facilitated by the alcohol but Paul and I were not the wet blankets at the end of the table. I found myself participating in the conversations and having a great time. I’ve come a long way in social settings; the old wallflower in me is definitely wilting.

The highlight of the evening came at the bar waiting for the boat, when my husband’s boss pulled me aside to tell me how much he appreciates my husband and how glad he is to have Paul on the team. The rest of the night was a lot of fun, but hearing that was the best Christmas present so far!


One thought on “This is How Gilligan’s Island Started… (December Date 2)

  1. Even people who are themselves social drinkers worry about other people’s drinking at gatherings like that. I find it strange that the woman would be worried about premature labour. It seems like an inappropriate comment — unless she thought she was being funny?

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