Last night’s holiday party at Sylvan was more pleasant than I thought. Despite the 95% Armenian attendance, we ate Chinese food and people remembered to speak in English most of the time. Of course I was happy just because I brought my family and everyone fell in love with the red-headed angel (who really was […]

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Deconstructing my Complex

I’ll be the first to admit that I got bigger faster with this pregnancy than with my first one. I know the first spike in weight was a result of going from walking 10,000 steps a day to spending every day on the couch moaning. It was all downhill from there, and even when my […]

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A Whole New Perspective of Myself

We have two vacancies in our nine-unit building right now. (Sadly, no, neither of the vacancies is the couple next door.) Just to stick it to our landlords, the previous tenants of both units even submitted their notice within days of each other. To further stick it to our landlords, the tenants of the second […]

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A friend sent me a reminder email yesterday, to remember the girls and the day. I thought of them all day as I went about my superbly un-feminist activities of diaper changing, housekeeping, crocheting and tutoring. I was going to blog about them last night but was too caught up with my projects, but I […]

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Control Freak

Well, thanks for our early mornings, my Christmas cards are done. There are no cute family photos, there are no personal touches. I seem to alternate years with my cards: boxed, handmade, boxed, handmade. Lucky for me this was a boxed year because try as I might I just couldn’t get a family picture or […]

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Two Week Recap

I hadn’t recovered from Thanksgiving when his birthday came. I had hardly recovered from that before we went to Disneyland yesterday. Today my in-laws leave. Tomorrow… … we rest.

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