Education Interrupted

He didn’t particularly stand out in our class, not physically, not intellectually, and not even emotionally — which is pretty telling as his father had passed away shortly before.  He was just a very even kid, although a little more somber than most.  He had the capability of performing better, but chose to be average.  […]

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To My Unborn Child

Since the moment of your conception, your existance has been secondary to the chaos that is our life.  I’m very sorry.  We really love you and are very excited to see you.  You have already blessed and enriched our lives in a time I wouldn’t have imaged a baby to do so.  I know you […]

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Testing the Waters

I haven’t made any rash decisions, but I’m checking things out on the other side of the fence. I’ll let you know when my plans firm up. In the meantime I’m maintaining two blogs. In addition to this blog you can read my wordpress thoughts here.

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Giving it a Flying Chance

I still don’t know.  I’m not in love with WordPress like everyone else.  I’m not in love with New Blogger like everyone at google (but I still love google’s gmail and picasa.)  I guess I just didn’t realize how much I loved Old Blogger.  Or it could just be that I don’t love change.  Normally I […]

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Backup or New Favourite

I’m not sure. I’ve been listening so much to everyone’s discontent with the new blogger than instead of making up my own mind I’m making up a back-up.  This way, if I hate blogger, I’ve already imported (or so I’m told I’m able to do.)   I hate bandwagons, and I’m tempted to stay with Blogger […]

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My Heartbreak

Friday night my husband went upstairs at about 11:30 to find Little Red huddled in the corner just outside of his bedroom. He was obviously frightened, and in the dark didn’t recognize his Daddy. As Paul approached him to pick him up he fearfully said, “nono!” Paul soothingly said, “It’s okay, it’s Daddy. Can I […]

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My Big Boy

We made a family trip to Target this weekend. The week before, while at Target in Eagle Rock I was dismayed to see that in the training pants section all they had were the Superman underwear. It is a closer Target to our house, and there’s much less travel traffic, but it is typically understocked, […]

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Random Friday

As Monday was MLK day and my husband actually works for an employer that lets the employees take holidays off, he got to stay home and play with Little Red while I went to work. I had left them with a list of groceries that we needed and included at the bottom “finger foods for […]

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